Tracy on Epilepsy cover
Tracy Gulliver has over 15 years of writing and editing experience with magazines, grants, resumes, and books.

In 2002 she founded RiverVoices Writers’ Group. She continues to serve as director, teaching writing classes and leading workshops.

Tracy has received grants funded by the McKnight Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, the Lilly Endowment, the Collegeville Institute, and the East Central Regional Arts Council.

She serves as an advocate for epilepsy awareness, using her writing and editing skills to support organizations like the Minnesota Epilepsy Foundation. She helps edit Epilogues, an anthology giving voice to people affected by epilepsy. She shares her writing and her experiences at conferences, retreat centers, and special events.

Tracy writes with compassion and humor about topics that include nature, relationships, writing, and epilepsy. She offers reflection on how various aspects of life can affect epilepsy; and how epilepsy can affect life in a positive way, despite the interruptions it might cause.